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概要 QuickConnect を利用すると、ポート転送規則やその他の複雑なネットワーク設定を行わなくても、インターネットを介して簡単に Synology NAS にアクセスできるようになります。QuickConnect は、 などのシンプルなカスタマイズできるアドレスから接続できます。.

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  • A Python wrapper around Synology API Add Token Synology NAS - IPKG pakketlijst Synology NAS - IPKG pakketlijst. All of the following clients support the ACMEv2 API Usually, the precise documentation for original storage protocols is an essential part of how fast an electronic document management system is so valuable to an organization or. A) has released the core software as open source API information is available via the query method of the SYNO Centralize data storage and backup, streamline file collaboration, optimize video management, and secure network deployment to facilitate data management About - TBD; SYNO Docker Synology Founded in 2004, Games for Change is a 501(c)3. Acronis Cyber Protect 15 A Python wrapper around Synology API Perfect for reducing the cost of backups and archives while still retaining immediate access This is an implementation of Synology APIs for This is an implementation of Synology APIs for. ... and how to use it to develop database applications Currently setup via QuickConnect is not. cane corso rescue san antonio. Search: Synology Api Documentation. 2, I installed php 7 We also set up Windows to back up to a shared folder on You can find the endpoint testing tool under the "Test" tab on your service's dashboard By means of Synology Office, you can edit spreadsheet on Drive and use this api wrapper read spreadsheet If you meet our API terms, you can get unlimited requests for free If you meet our. QuickConnectの設定方法 DSMの「コントロールパネル」から「QuickConnect」を開きます。 QuickConnect設定画面が表示されます。まずQuickConnectを有効にするにチェックを入れます。 次にSynologyアカウントにサインインまたはサインアップするをクリックします。. Guides OVHcloud synology surveillance station web api ver: 3 Azure Bot Service Login to your Account There are many service companies that bring OpenStack expertise to the table There are many service companies that bring OpenStack expertise to the table. OAuth is commonly used by web applications Inheritance: extends Synology_Abstract. synology-typescript-api is based off the official Synology API documentation, specifically: DownloadStation (documentation, implementation) FileStation (documentation, implementation) The various REST API groups are exported under the (nested) names from the documentation You must provide an access token for every API call via one of the. 1 day ago · If you try to mount Synology 's share via the internet, you need to first make sure forward your external port to your local Synology NAS port . 123 :/TOWER/Data , mount it to home - Data and click go. FAQ. ... 2013 · 1,749 Posts. When enabled, the remote write receiver endpoint is / api /v1/write. ... the remote write receiver.

    Synology quickconnect api

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    4.1.2 Synology's QuickConnect. QuickConnect allows you to access your NAS from outside of your local network. This is Synology's way of ensuring you don't need to open ports to your NAS to access your data externally. I don't use this, but there's nothing wrong with using it. The way that I access my data from outside of my network is.